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Writer: Omar Mora
Moras Productions, Inc.
Available on VOD

Rocio and Giancarlo have different ideologies about life. Rocio is a lawyer and an independent woman. She believes that true love should end in a real relationship with the goal of having a family under marriage. Giancarlo is a coder and a comic book and superhero lover. He believes that love is love and it should not be tampered with human cultural and religious believes. This is the story of a quirky and offbeat relationship between a lawyer and a geek who want the same thing in opposite ways; true love.

VOD streaming platforms in the US, Canada, UK, New Zealand, and Australia: Amazon, Cox, Charter / Spectrum, Altice, Brighthouse, Blue Ridge, RCN, Comcast Xfinity, Vudu, Verizon, OverDrive, and Vimeo!

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30 Days With My Brother 


Writer: Omar Mora
Moras Productions, Inc.
Limited Theatrical Release in AMC Theaters & on VOD 2016

Alexis and Jonathan are two brothers from Puerto Rico that were separated after a terrible family tragedy. After 17 years, Alexis has become a doctor while Jonathan has become entangled with a dangerous group of people. One day, suddenly, Alexis packs up his things and moves to Los Angeles on a mission to reconnect with his long lost brother.
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