Alexis and Jonathan are two brothers from Puerto Rico that were separated after a terrible family tragedy. After 17 years, Alexis has become a doctor while Jonathan has become entangled with a dangerous group of people. One day, suddenly, Alexis packs up his things and moves to Los Angeles on a mission to reconnect with his long lost brother.

What happens when brothers are forced to face their past?

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The Unearthians Film In Development

Sci-Fi/Action - Comic Book Series  - ORDER HERE

The Unearthians is an action packed sci-fi narrative where two best friends are abducted and transported into an underground base somewhere on Earth. During the abduction Mateo and Carter decide to uncover the truth when they discover the dark agenda the aliens have in store for Earth and the entire Galaxy. With help of other beings, they decide to fight this injustice. But Mateo and Carter also have a secret of their own, which they will use to their advantage; a secret that the aliens never saw coming. This is an original sci-fi story where good versus evil collide for a greater cause. For Preview Special click below.

Master Kaon Saga In Development


Miguel is a well-educated Latino who graduated with honors upon earning a combined doctorate in physics and mathematics from UCLA. He is depressed; he works in a miserable job and has financial problems. Miguel deals with his life frustrations by practicing Wing Chun Kung Fu, the martial art practiced by film star Bruce Lee. Through Wing Chun Kung Fu and Bruce Lee’s philosophy of life, Miguel becomes empowered. Studying this martial art provides him with control and helps him overcome his depression and other personal problems. 

Ancient Explorers: The Lost City of Peru In Development


Mark and Luis opened an antique store together with items Mark’s Grandpa had collected over the years. Mark and Luis meet two beautiful ladies, Sandy and Jennifer at a bar. Jennifer and Sandy become interested in Mark’s compass, a compass that his Grandpa had given him. Through the compass Luis, Mark, Jennifer and Sandy begin their journey into the unknown, a magical and adventurous journey to discover the Lost City of Peru, a journey that will change their lives forever.

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